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Today we are living in uncertain times. Circumstances can change very quickly due to political or civil unrest, terror-related incidents, natural disasters, health emergencies and last but not least pandemics like Covid-19 that has created widespread uncertainty.


INSTAEVAC is a member-only Air Passenger Rapid Evacuation Database (RED) for British Citizens and Indian nationals travelling, living, working, or studying in any part of the world.
INSTAEVAC manages its client’s emergency evacuation & repartition needs in real-time. Our services are most suitable for people who frequently travel overseas for holidays, tourism, business purposes, ex-pats, overseas workers, international students. When our client alerts us on service one may need, we deliver it in a swift and time-sensitive manner. As client details are already registered with us we can quickly coordinate the evacuation of casualties, at-risk civilians from dangerous situations, such as hostile war zones and natural or man-made disasters. INSTAEVAC mainly provide group charters in the aftermath of natural disasters, political unrest, hostile situations, and other emergencies.
For our members, INSTAEVAC provides a single point of contact for its members in case of emergency evacuation & repartition. With INSTAEVAC membership you need not to entirely rely on your country’s government embassy or other representative offices to arrange evacuation or repartition flights for you that can take weeks and sometimes. But when requested we share passenger information and logistics map with government agencies about their citizens on our database to speed things up.

Why choose INSTAEVAC?

Available 24/7: On-call 365 days a year, we can arrange emergency charters around the world at short notice.
Global Coverage: With an international network of associate offices spanning six continents, we provide local knowledge on a global scale.
Range of Aircraft: Through our associates, we have access to over 20,000 aircraft and can quickly source the most suitable solution for each emergency.
Personal Manager: For INSTAEVAC CLUB MEMBERS a dedicated expert is available around-the-clock to monitor volatile situations and keep you updated on your charter’s progress. In case of group charter, a group charter manager will be assigned who keep your group updated on your charter’s progress and assist you on the ground to make sure that all aspects of your group charter run smoothly.
Access to more airports: Our associates reach under-serviced locations, allowing passengers to arrive closer to their destination.
Cost efficiency: We provide various membership or self-pay options ensuring you always receive the most cost-effective solution.
Medical emergencies: An air ambulance is the quickest travel option for patients who are too sick or weak. Our Air Ambulances include jets fitted with ICU (intensive care unit) facilities, adapted aircraft, suitable for minor injury patients required to lie flat or fly at a designated air pressure level. Aircraft with cargo doors or modified ramps to load stretchers. Helicopter transfers to and from hospitals or private aircraft.


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